Local Authors and Resources:

  • Julie A Burk & Neville J Tencer, An Italian Odyssey: One Couple’s Culinary & Cultural Pilgrimage. One couple’s memoir of courage and perseverance as they journey along an ancient, elusive trail through the heart of Italy—a unique culinary and walking pilgrimage.  Independent travellers, Julie & Neville, seek out destinations where they can enjoy and appreciate the culture, cuisine, history, and traditions.

  • June Swadron, Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives. Re-Write Your Life is a unique guided writing experience that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past. June is a psychotherapist and has spent twenty years guiding thousands of students in writing their life stories using a process that completely transformed their lives.

  • Val and Anny Schaefer, Ogden Point Odyssey: Breakwater, natural history, people and activities. The Ogden Point Breakwater is more than just a pleasant walk. Discover some of the astonishing marine biodiversity and other cultural and natural assets over, under and near this James Bay landmark. Val Schaefer is an urban ecologist, biodiversity specialist and UVic faculty member. Anny Schaefer is a researcher and writer who works at Camosun College. Both enjoy nature and lighted trucks.

  • Aryana Rayne, Labyrinths of British Columbia: A guide for Your Journey. If you’re ready to abandon your armchair, get this guidebook.  You’ll be drawn on a quest to 100 labyrinths not found on any tourist map.   Aryana searches for treasures like the keys that unlock the secrets of the universe.  She explores the mystical paths of human life on planet Earth.

  • Barbara McLauchlin, Here we Go Again. This often hysterical account of Canadian theatre’s coming of age in Ontario in the 1960s to the founding of Kaleidoscope Theatre in1970s Victoria, BC will keep you guessing where the real drama is—on or off the stage. Here We Go Again is full of fun, facts and history and is an inspiration to anyone who thinks it cannot be done. Barbara McLauchlin is a former staff writer for Brantford Expositor, was Monday Magazine’s first theatre critic, was editor and publisher for Victoria Rainbow News and columnist for Xtra West. In theatre, every part has been played.

  • Juliana Linscheid, Into the River. Against a backdrop of international politics and intrigue, Into The River is an action packed and deeply moving love story set in post French colonial Cambodia. Juliana was born in California, educated at University of California, Berkeley, lived in Asia, restaurateur, school teacher, political organizer, mother, now, gratefully, a Canadian citizen.

  • Alma Lightbody, My Wonderful Nightmare: Spiritual Journals Inspired by Cancer. Erin’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer takes her on a journey of self discovery through her  journal writing, which in turn, guides her to teach and share with others. Co-author, Alma Lightbody, Erin’s Wellness Practitioner, has several degrees, in business, management and Holistic health.  Erin left her journals to Alma to fulfill her Life Purpose to help others.

  • Rebecca Kennel, Victoria­-Bench by Bench: A Creative Guide to Over 60 Intriguing Sites. This unique guidebook makes it easy to find intriguing places in Victoria, providing bits of history and inspiring creativity through the author’s reflections. Rebecca Kennel lives in Victoria, BC and searches out inspiring places wherever she goes. She writes, observes humanity, and appreciates natural spaces.

  • Patti Kagawa, From Sea to Shining Sea. From Sea to Shining Sea is a book describing the cycling trip across Canada, inspiring others to overcome difficulties to make their dream become reality. Patti is a professional forester working for the provincial government. In 2008, at age 52, she spent three months cycling across Canada.

  • Nancy Hughes, Built by Luney Bros. LtdBuilt by Luney Bros. Ltd. is the history of Nancy Hughes’ grandfathers construction business in Victoria from 1885–1962.  His contributions to Victoria’s streetscape were unparalleled. Nancy grew up in Victoria.  Her passions have been weaving, painting, poetry, collecting antiques, traveling, researching her family history, her friends and her family.

  • Esther Hart, Journey to Personal Freedom: from parasite to president. Stories from the heart of life-changing insights and inspirations. Published author, acclaimed speaker, coach, mentor, wordsmith and editor, Esther Hart inspires people to trust and follow their inner guidance.  

  • Kawika David, Angels Love Stories: Pass the Spirit Surf the Wave! Angels Love Stories is a wonderful collective of stories about angels, rainbows, miracles and wonder from the students of The Spirit of Aloha workshop in Victoria. Surf the Wave! Kawika David is a teacher of the spiritual teachings of Hawaii. Author of The Spirit of Aloha and Angels Love Stories. Pass the Message, Surf the Wave!

  • Trish Brooke, Traveling Hopefully. Eighteen fictional short stories depict different people –  young and old, in rural or urban settings – journeying through life: poignant, neighbourly, squabbling, tentative – but always hopeful. Trish lives in Victoria.  Born in South Africa, she has worked in England, Bermuda and across Canada. Her background is in teaching, counseling, and administration.

  • Kathleen Arnason, Remember Me: A Celebration. Remember Me is Kathleen’s most recent book which helps children and adults find a voice through grief.  The book is endosed by Senator Sharon Carstair and the Manitioba Health Authority Pallitive Care.  Canadian best-selling author, 5 children’s books , and 1 book of adult poetry. Kathleen is the recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for arts and culture and was recently awarded The Victoria Hospitality Award for excellence in service by the City of Victoria
    Remember Me website
  • Larry Eugene Gray, A Heritage Gem: The House That Captured the Innkeepers. You will thoroughly enjoy Larry’s tongue-in-cheek presentation of a 20-year autobiography of operating the Heritage House B&B in Victoria. Pipe-smoking ghosts, a long-time resident-spirit, the mysterious shadow people, skeleton in the wall‑it’s all here in The House That Captured the Innkeepers. Love, murder, mystery and intrigue, albeit in a totally unexpected fashion.
  • Barbara Miller, How To Quit Smoking: Even If You don’t Want To. Barbara teaches this method in a one-day workshop, and is known as a dynamic and comical facilitator. She is a true pioneer who lives by example that anything is possible. Working with smokers is only one aspect to Barbara’s passion to help people. From a very young age she knew she would use her life as a living example. With all odds stacked against her she shares real life experiences. Qualified to talk about difficult subjects that many wouldn’t dare.
  • Iryna Spica, book designer and owner of SpicaBookDesign. SpicaBookDesign supplies the design services and expertise necessary to put a professional face on the book you’ve worked so hard to create. With over 20 years of experience, Iryna helps authors get to market with a great looking, properly designed book, on time and on budget.
  • Melody Poirier, Printorium Bookworks. Working with publishers and independent authors, Melody facilitates the printing of books for Printorium Bookworks’ customers; providing advice and instruction on printing. She networks with writer’s groups, graphic designers, editors, publishers, distributors, social media and book marketing experts, publicists, etc., in order to connect people in the writing community with valuable resources. Though yet unpublished, she has also written a series of short stories based on her adventures travelling throughout North America as a groom for a lion and tiger act with an American circus.
  • Raine Erickson, writer. Educator, dancer, music teacher. Raine has lived and worked in B.C, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories. Her writing comes from many of life’s experiences; dark, profound, humorous, hopeful. She is strongly influenced by her years spent living and working with the Dene in the Northwest Territories and her own experiences being a blue-eyed Metis woman.
  • Don Sherwood, writer. Don has been on a mission to set down in short story form, various episodes in the life of his very unusual cat, Beckley (now deceased), and his life in James Bay–possibly under the title of The Beckley Chronicles: A Tale of One Kitty. He is slowly (very slowly) working on this project.